10 Reasons Why You Have Swollen Feet, According to a Doctor

This article was medically reviewed by Rekha Kumar, MD, a member of the Prevention Medical Review Board, on June 26, 2019.

When you can’t seem to squeeze on those strappy sandals that looked so cute last summer, or your formerly slender ankles and calves are starting to balloon up like Snoopy at the Thanksgiving Day Parade, it could just be due to a long day standing in pumps that are a half size too small-but it could also be a signal that something else is going on in your body: “There are probably 50 different things that can cause feet, ankles, and legs to swell,” says Britt H. Tonnessen, MD, a Yale Medicine vascular surgeon. https://www.msn.com/en-us/health/wellness/10-reasons-why-you-have-swollen-feet-according-to-a-doctor/ar-AADvNh5?ocid=spartandhp

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